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Rue de Noailles 6, 6460 Chimay


The Chimay tourist train offers a number of benefits: you explore the key parts of the city and surrounding areas, you learn lots of things from your guide and, most importantly, it’s fun for kids and adults.


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An unusual visit to the city of Chimay

You leave from the Grand Place in Chimay. Step into these special carriages and set off to conquer this historic city. It should be noted that the wooden seats, which are quite rustic, but, between you and me, quite uncomfortable, are part of the adventure.

The train passes many points of interest: the garden of the Château des Princes de Chimay, the fortifications, the racing circuit and more. It travels as far as the Virelles ponds, a point of reference for biodiversity in the region.

The various comments throughout the journey are very educational. You'll learn lots of information about the history of the city and the different legends around it.

The ideal activity with kids

One of the tricky things about a tour with kids is that you are discovering the place at the same time they are. This can sometimes create the impression that you are torn between the tour and taking care of your children. Here, both are possible.

Kids enjoy being on this unusual mode of transport. You discover the sites with them and show them the interesting parts. Audio comments also allow us to learn while looking after our kids, which is more difficult when you are reading off sheets of paper, for example.

The comments are quite accessible for older kids too.

In short, this is great quality time for everyone.

A group outing

Another advantage of this train: managing groups. When you visit a city, you soon find yourself struggling to get your group moving. That is, when you're dealing with a group of three or four people. One is looking in a shop window, another is running around, yet another is waiting to cross the road. In short, you have to play guide, whether you want to or not, and cannot enjoy the excursion yourself.

With the train, everyone's together. You discover points of interest peacefully. Those who are not very interested in the comments can simply enjoy the beautiful scenery. The city is very pleasant, as are its surroundings, which are dotted with lots of old farmhouses and fields that stretch into the distance.

Ready to board the train?

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