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Grand'Place 6, 6460 Chimay


Like many people, you may be familiar with Chimay beer or the castle. But are you familiar with the city? Set off on an enigmatic journey known as ‘The Secret of Chimay’ and learn more about a part of this principality.


  • Le Secret de Chimay 6
  • Le Secret de Chimay 8
  • Le Secret de Chimay 4
  • Le Secret de Chimay 5
  • Le Secret de Chimay 1

More fun than a guided tour

Just the thought of a guided city tour can turn some people off. A lot of times (but not always!), you miss every second word because of the noise from traffic, the guide starts talking before the whole group has arrived or people talk over them. We could go on, but we won’t. It is because of this that you will appreciate the cleverness of ‘The Secret of Chimay’.

The idea behind this tour is to explore the city in a fresh way. In the beginning, you are given a leather belt with pockets. Only one of these pockets is open: it contains a notepad and a pencil. You have to solve this first puzzle to keep the tour going.

Observe, read, count – people are often surprised by what they learn during this game.

More intriguing than your average treasure hunt

As an avid game fan, you might be a little sceptical of the idea of a fun-guided tour. And you’re right – this isn’t your average game. Indeed, it’s quite surprising how much you can learn through this entertaining concept.

You could look at this activity as a kind of outdoor escape room. To this end, you are challenged to solve the puzzles in less than 90 minutes. Not everyone can pull it off. There’s even treasure at the end of the game. Shh!

Let’s not say too much…

Our lips are sealed. Saying too much could give the story away. It’s up to you to discover it.

Play & explore

  • Slide your finger to move
  • Move your fingers apart and pinch them together to zoom in and out
  • Tap on the items to discover the iconic locations of the Pays des Lacs
  • Click and hold to move
  • Scroll to zoom in and out