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Rue du Karting 13,

5660 Couvin


Put on your suit, shoes and helmet, take a seat in a kart and you’ll already feel a mixture of excitement and adrenaline rushing through you. Then, once you hit the pedal, that’s all it takes – you’re off and the thrills begin. This outdoor circuit clearly reinforces the feeling of freedom and speed.


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What?! Is this really the largest outdoor circuit in Belgium?

It sure is, buddy.

When you come here to go-kart, one thing strikes you: the view. The circuit is located on the edge of Couvin. It is surrounded by fields and meadows and features a typical Calestienne landscape. The quarry is located a few kilometres away and blends seamlessly with the décor, while also giving an impression of immutability.

In the end, two things make this circuit stand out compared to indoor go-karting facilities. There is far less noise than there is in hangars and, most importantly, the weather. The karts are equipped with weather-resistant tyres that adapt based on the temperature and rain. You will learn how to adapt to these weather conditions as you drive.

Thierry, Michaël, Serge, Lionel – a staff that shares their passion with us

This place isn’t just a track, but also offers an accompaniment to the karting process. Thierry and his entire team are passionate about this sport. They also instil their passion in others, which you can see in the number of volunteers that they bring out during their events.

People are welcomed, taught about the equipment and materials and guided through their first attempts. Above all, they share in the excitement of this sport.

The staff is so passionate that they now organise competitions for amateurs as well. These competitions are financially accessible (compared to professional alternatives) and offer challenges for all levels.

Sounds like a fun time with friends and colleagues, right?

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