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Rue Crossart 61

6440 Froidchapelle


Spin is a version of water-skiing without a motorboat at Froidchapelle. You get on a board, grab onto the rudder and let the cable pull you along. All you have to do is stay upright and not fall into the water.


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  • 190522 Spin 16

Staff that cares for beginners

In the beginning, you’re just trying to find your balance on the board. You start on a kneeboard. Thankfully, you will be kneeling rather than standing up. That’s much easier for beginners.

When you are being pulled by the wire, you need to find the right position. That’s not instantly evident. It’s a very good experience, though, thanks to the team that supports and assists beginners. Nothing beats the advice you receive on the pontoon while you wait for your turn.

Note that the different options available allow you to keep things fresh.

Kicking your feet up – that’s the beach holiday spirit

In addition to the cable courses, the reception area is fun and family-friendly: a bar serves local beers, the restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes and there is a bowls and volleyball court.

You can also enjoy other activities, including options for older visitors. In the escape game, you will have to save a village at the foot of a dam before it floods. In summer, you can climb inflated modules at the ‘Aqua Bubble Boom’ water park.

You can also try skateboarding on the ramps.

You’ll love total environmental responsibility

What really stands out is that this site has been designed in an environmentally friendly way. The cables are powered by solar panels. The building housing the holiday rental, sports shop and restaurant is made from wood. The toilets are supplied with rainwater.

This place isn’t just welcoming and fun – it’s sustainable. And that feels natural in a rural setting like this.

All that’s left to do is take a dip in the water.

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