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Place de Courquain,02500 Hirson


The customs house in Courquain offers two escape games and a museum about the film ‘Rien à déclarer’ on the Franco-Belgian border. All of this is based inside the offices of the former customs house in Macquenoise.

Activities between Hirson and Macquenoise

Be aware that if you look for the customs house in Courquain on a GPS, you'll struggle to find it. In fact, this is the fictitious name given to the customs house in Macquenoise for the film ‘Rien à déclarer’. To this end, it’s better to type ‘Place de Courquain in Macquenoise’ if you want to find this place. There's a large car park.

Once there, you’ll discover the former Franco-Belgian border post, which closed in 1993. You find yourself between two villages: Macquenoise in Belgium and Hirson in France.

After climbing a few steps, you enter this uniquely shaped building. Two escape games await.

Escape games on the Franco-Belgian border

The first escape room is ‘the office’. You find yourself in the shoes of a smuggler. In order to pass the goods in secret, you need to block the customs agents. How? By stealing their car keys. The goal of the escape game is to find the car keys in the office. You have one hour before the customs agents return.

The second escape room is ‘the garage’. You need to find the loot hidden in the car, which has been seized by customs agents. You have one hour to get the money back for the smugglers and before the agents return.

The filming location of ‘Rien à déclarer’, with Dany Boon and Benoît Poelvoorde

This site also gives you the chance to step into the setting of the film ‘Rien à déclarer’, which was released in 2011. Some sets and rooms that are typical of the fun tone of the film can be found here.

Like the escape rooms, you'll find a well-designed vintage setting.

A nice activity for family, including kids, or friends

You'll have a lot of fun discovering the sites here. The escape rooms are accessible, but they are not particularly easy. It’s recommended that you have at least three people per team, and a maximum of six, in order to ensure that everyone has a part to play.

It's accessible for kids over the age of eight. The puzzles are a little too complex for younger children.

You can also organise a team-building session.

In short, don't hesitate: you’ll have lots of fun, especially with Monsieur André. Shall we go?


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