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Rue de l'Adujoir 24,

5660 Couvin


If somebody had told me that the caves in Couvin could be explored by boat, that the tour is child-friendly and that parking is a breeze (not to mention the playground right beside it), I would have jumped at the chance.


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Prices include the boat tour, accompanied by expert guides

One of the strengths of this site is the guides. They are often fully bilingual and can explain the appearance of the cave and the flora and fauna found in the region through diagrams. They take the time to adapt their explanations for the kids.

The itinerary begins with a walking tour of one section of the cave and continues in boats.

Warning: in summer, if the cave is cool (12 degrees, regardless of the season), the boat portion may be impossible due to low water levels. Check before visiting to avoid disappointment.

New addition: a kayak or sensory route

In recent times, it is possible to explore the cave in packrafts. To put it simply, these are inflatable kayaks that are put on the Eau Noire river and which you can use to travel through the cave. The packraft route is amazing: touring the cave with just a headlamp from an inflatable kayak completely changes your perception. Note: bookings are mandatory.

We also sampled the fun walk above the caves. This walk, which is known as the ‘Mont des Sens’, is approximately 1.2 kilometres in length and discovered through the senses. Nine enlightening stations teach you about various aspects of biodiversity (wild orchids, lizards, birds of prey, etc.) in these parts.

Check Facebook for events

The Neptune Cave team organises lots of unique experiences, depending on the season. For example, the bat night in autumn is a key chance to discover these flying mammals. There are also caving weekends, which are a fun way to learn about underground explorations or to help your teenage child explore the geology of the region.

Thinking of booking?

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