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You’ll have an incredible experience in the ‘Espace Arthur Masson’ museum. You’ll follow in the footsteps of a student in 1932 and follow the class. But that’s not all: you can attend a unique sound and light show based on the works of Walloon author Arthur Masson, solve a giant game of Cluedo and finish with a ride in a Berlin carriage.


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Plan the monthly family outing, even when it rains

In order to discover the site’s flagship activity, ‘The School of Yesteryear’, you dress in an apron and line up along the wall in ascending order as the bell rings. Discipline reigns supreme. But we don’t set the rules here; the school master does, with his stern air. He is always ready to apply the rules to the letter with his wooden paddle.

The display lasts for one hour. You are fully immersed in a classroom from the era, with its blackboard, old-fashioned wooden benches, abacus and so on. The display is funny, but it can also be impressive for younger kids.

You can enjoy this experience with grandparents. This is a magical moment for young kids and older visitors, who can share their own experiences of this period.

This living museum should be shared with kids

Another flagship activity: the ‘Trignolles’ show route. You enter an old stone building. Inside, you discover period décor. To begin with, you sit in the middle of the village square and watch scenes between rural characters from the 1930s through the 1960s. The dialogue is based on the works of Arthur Masson, an iconic Walloon author.

The interesting part is that there are varying layers of understanding. Kids do not understand everything (some conversations are in Walloon), but they have lots of fun with the accents, the tone of voice and so forth. Meanwhile, adults are sure to enjoy this nostalgic return to a bygone era.

An interactive ‘child-friendly’ visit or school tour

The activities at the ‘Espace Arthur Masson’ don’t stop there.

Try the life-size Cluedo, also known as ‘The Manor of Misfortune’. Young Adèle has been killed. All that remains to do is investigate. We are taken back in time to 1889 and must go from room to room (there are seven in total) in search of clues.

Unique tours are also organised to help you learn more about the village.

  • On foot, during a treasure hunt. Stroll three kilometres around the village and its surroundings in search of Renaud, a young baby mouse who has gone missing. The tour of the village can be done alone or with a guide. Explanatory sheets are available.
  • In a car, but not your average car: a Berlin coach. Choose the older model. We love the standard black Citroën with 11B front-wheel drive. The driver is passionate about the region and will lead you along the roads travelled by Arthur Masson. Scenes play on a screen inside the car.

A picturesque village with a restaurant, hotel and more

It is possible to dine at the ‘Chez Toine’ cafeteria. Local dishes – in particular escavèche, a typical regional dish – are available when you visit.

The Espace Arthur Masson does not have rooms, but this typical regional village has nice guest rooms and small hotels.

Check what’s available before organising your trip. Entertainment at ‘The School of Yesteryear’ is often held during weekends and school holidays, for example.

So, are you ready for the adventure?

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