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Rue Eugène Defraire 63,6570 Treignes


The eco-museum in Viroin is a museum dedicated to rural craftsmanship, located in a farmhouse/château in Treignes. You’ll enjoy the temporary exhibition, which changes each year, and the entertainment provided for kids. There's an exhibition of old agricultural tools in the courtyard and the gardens, and even a donkey bar.


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Located in Treignes, the village of museums

The eco-museum is based in the centre of Treignes, a village close to the Franco-Belgian border. This museum, which is located beside the Espace Arthur Masson and the Steam Railway Museum, immerses you in the rural history of the region.

It's a really good local spot for learning about the region, whether as a couple, with friends or as a family. You can spend around two hours here, depending on your interests.

Inside the farmhouse/château, you'll discover different forgotten trades through tools and exhibitions. You can view the tools of the wheelwright (the craftsman who produced carts) or the saddler (the craftsman who made, in particular, leather harnesses).

There's also a clog-making workshop. Even if we do not necessarily wonder how clogs are made in our day-to-day lives, it's fun to learn. And it’s no easy task! It takes real know-how.

A pleasant guided tour

Guided tours are available. The guides are real enthusiasts. The intimate setting also creates a real bond between you and them.

You'll appreciate their educational approach. Do not be afraid to ask questions, even if they might seem silly.

The discussions about the local history of the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse region are also enjoyable.

An idea for a family outing with the kids in the Ardennes region

Children are welcome in the museum. You can take the tour with them. They’ll learn about history at their own pace, even if they don't understand everything.

Children can even make a small clog before or after the exhibition. While the workshop is not an exact recreation of work from this period, it's a wonderful introduction to the subject of working with wood or the use of clogs during that era.

Entertainment and workshops are also organised here, and receive very positive feedback.

Nice old tractors and the donkey bar

You can find old tractors and former agricultural machinery in the courtyard and the garden of the farmhouse/château. You can walk about freely, at your own pace. The engineering from that period is astounding.

The highlight? At the end of the visit, and in the high season, you can have a drink with the donkeys. This is the same concept as a cat bar, but with donkeys. This quite exceptional experience shows what lovely animals they are.

What are you waiting for? Add this to your itinerary!

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