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This museum showcases printing equipment in a very practical way. You can discover how paper is made, how the earliest typefaces were produced, how we print and more. This unique location highlights a practice that is now fully automated.


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A very practical guided tour

The museum doesn’t limit itself to showing artefacts; it makes them work. For this reason, it can only be toured with a guide. It is also ideal to call the museum before going, in order to be sure that a guide is available.

You stroll through a former workshop for an hour, with the guide showing you how the machines operate. You then learn how paper is produced, how inks were discovered and how they work on paper, how pages are bound, what the early days of typography were like, with characters that needed to be placed on the plate, and how texts and engravings are printed.

It is very practical and you can learn a lot.

Workshops and events are held at the museum

What’s cool is that, after your tour, you can get your hands dirty and take part in a workshop. You can try typographic composition. You have character cases and typesetting machines and can write your text. Just like in the old days.

Another workshop allows you to produce a print. You can print big and small posters on a press from 1823.

In recent times, it has even been possible to do a workshop about recycling paper.

The museum also offers several practical modules for adults. These span several sessions, which allow you to carry out a paper project from beginning to end. You can learn a lot about the world of printing.

A child-friendly museum

The museum is accessible to kids over the age of seven. It is possible with younger kids, but they won’t fully grasp the printing process.

Courses are also organised for kids during the school holidays.

The museum is also free to enter on the first Sunday of the month.

Now is the time to take a little trip down memory lane, to the early days of our friend Gutenberg.

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