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Rue Emile Vandervelde 290,

6534 Thuin


The ruins of Aulne Abbey is an open-air trip to the remnants of a former Cistercian abbey. The different markings on these buildings allow us to perceive the ingenuity of an autonomous religious community in the Middle Ages, in particular their system for getting rid of dirty water and amazing fishing ponds.


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Walk freely, based on your own itinerary

Visiting the abbey is free (though access is subject to a charge). Educational signs help you to better understand the life of the monks and how they worked.

The wild nature of the site – overgrown hedges, flowerbeds in their natural state and untamed grass in the gardens – add a unique setting for this visit. It’s like you are discovering ruins that have been lost in the wilderness.

Awaken the senses with local restaurants and beer from the abbey

The setting is quite bucolic around the ruins. The Sambre river offers a change of scenery, with a former lock still operating and the surrounding landscape.

Several restaurants adjoin the ruins, in particular the abbey cellars, where you can eat underground, and Café Leblond, a typical local establishment with a playground. ADA, the beer from Aulne Abbey, is served here. It is brewed by the Val de Sambre brewery.

Mini golf or sailing: activities that wow every time

If you can’t convince your family to visit these historic ruins, try mini golf after the tour. The course is located at the foot of the ruins.

Another attraction: the boat tour. You can visit the area around the ruins via water from LeBlond Café.

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