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6590 Momignies


The Totémus app transforms these six kilometres of trails in Momignies into an authentic treasure hunt. You are challenged to find elements of local heritage along the path. A fun way for kids to get some fresh air and learn more about the area.


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A mixture of geocaching and hunting for treasure in the forest

Before setting off, download the Totémus app on your phone. Then, depending on your geolocation, select the ‘Au cœur de la forêt’ treasure hunt in Momignies. The app is easy to use. All you need is 4G to receive clues as you go.

You start at the RAVeL 156 car park in Momignies to start the route. You travel from clue to clue. The 4G signal gets lost sometimes and, all of a sudden, it’s more complicated to enter your answers. Still, you know how to reach the end.

The route passes through woods and wetlands. As a result, boots or ankle boots are provided for some of the muddier stretches. It is accessible to all-terrain strollers, except for one section in the woods, where the bumps make it tricky.

A family outing in the woods

Unlike your average walk in the woods, what’s great about this is you learn lots of things about heritage (and one local artist, in particular) through the questions, as well as life in the forest through the educational signs and the arboretum.

You can take advantage of the picnic table. This is quite practical if you have young kids, or simply if sitting on the ground is too hard. You can bring bags to sit on, so that your pants don’t get wet from the wooden furniture.

Something to check before setting off: hunting dates. To do this, just contact the municipality. Hunts are generally organised on certain days between October and December in Bois des Hayettes.

Discover nature with your kids

The trail is suitable for young kids. Despite being six kilometres long, it has a number of stops and you don’t feel the time flying by. This is a good way to introduce kids to walking and hiking.

You just have to bring something to eat. There are no shops on the route. When we said ‘all natural’…

Are you going to win the ‘toteez’, the virtual currency everyone’s talking about, at the end of the course?

Play & explore

  • Slide your finger to move
  • Move your fingers apart and pinch them together to zoom in and out
  • Tap on the items to discover the iconic locations of the Pays des Lacs
  • Click and hold to move
  • Scroll to zoom in and out