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Rue de la Montagne 3, 5650 Walcourt


Totemus is a free app that proposes walks in the form of a treasure hunt. The trail is sign-posted. A variety of QR codes provide information about the sites you visit. Children really enjoy the concept. You can also have fun discovering local heritage.


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A walk with the kids

The route is 3.5 kilometres long. This means it’s quite doable if you have kids. On the other hand, it's steep, with beautiful streets for you to climb. The pretty Frère Hugo lane comes to mind, in particular. That’s not to mention the downward slopes, which are tricky in rainy weather. You need to give yourself time as a result, to make sure you are comfortable.

You can take a few breaks during the walk, in particular when you’re deciphering the clues with your kids. All that is left to do is keep some energy to enjoy the playground behind the former Saint Nicolas Hospital in the municipal park, which currently serves as the Cultural Centre.

One of the most interesting Gothic Basilicas in Belgium

One thing that you cannot afford to miss on this route is the Saint Materne Basilica. This building can be seen from far away. It’s built on a rocky outcrop above Walcourt. The ‘bulbous’ bell tower, which resembles a sort of ball on the roof, is visible from kilometres away.

This basilica is known as a popular pilgrimage site.

The route meanders around this building, which can be admired from every angle. The ramparts of this small town are also pleasant and lead us, with little fanfare, to an old-fashioned film set.

A fun, family-friendly activity about heritage

What makes this route appealing is that you can learn a lot about the heritage of Walcourt. You discover former mills, an old bridge that once led into the town, a fortified postern and much more. Even locals can learn a lot about the history here, especially the lives of their great-great-great-grandparents. One example is how the town was defended.

The walking element is good for kids, as you can spend time together at your own pace. You can observe the details around you with them, and do things that would not normally be possible due to our generally busy schedules.

This walk is a breath of fresh air into your day-to-day life and feels like a holiday without straying too far from home.

Just FYI: you can also earn 70 toteez (the points in the app) and a badge to bring to the cultural centre.

Are you up to the challenge of this route?

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