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Rue de Leernes 9, 6534 Thuin


Café Leblon is a place to meet up for a good local meal or an ice cream, but also a spot to enjoy quality time with your kids. And that's what makes it a firm favourite.


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The right location, with a terrace and a playground

Café Leblon is located one hundred metres from the ruins of the abbey. It’s not always easy to find it. In order to avoid going around in circles, once you’ve crossed the Sambre and passed the ruins and the mini-golf course, take the road on the left, which passes beneath the old gate of the abbey. The café is at the end of the street on the towpath.

This place is very well known among locals. It’s a must-visit spot when the first rays of sunshine hit, thanks to its large, verdant terrace and playground area, but also in winter because of its hearty dishes.

Even better, it also serves ada, the local beer. Enjoy it in the ideal setting.

Not just a restaurant – rent bikes and electric boats

You don’t visit this restaurant with the sole intention of eating. Of course, the menu is tempting. You can sample croquettes made with Chimay cheese, or a duo of quail in Leblon sauce. You should also know – there are dishes for children.

Next to the restaurant, though, you can rent bikes or electric mountain bikes to explore the surrounding woodland.

You can also explore the area via the Sambre river in an electric boat. You don’t need a licence to sail; you just need to be 18 years old and follow a few basic rules, in particular wearing a life jacket and following the navigation directions.

This nautical adventure takes you on a five-kilometre journey between Aulne and Landelies. You can discover the landscape from this large river. Take advantage of another environment: fishermen, locks, barges and more. The boats are easy to handle and create amazing memories for those who are up for adventure.

Up to five people can board a single boat.

Family activities

Café Leblon is a great destination after you have visited the ruins, or taken a pleasant stroll through the area. The large playground allows kids to safely have a good time on-site. When it's hot, they can have a great time playing in a small river in the park, which is located next to the tables on the terrace.

Another bonus of this site is that the service can be adapted to your schedule and your appetite. You can simply enjoy an ice cream, eat some fries on the go or savour a delicious meal.

The icing on the cake? Children are always welcome here.

All in all, this is a good spot to keep in mind for family outings. It’s also a good excuse for some R and R after a walk, or a compromise on a family outing that not everyone has agreed to.

Sound tempting?

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