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Les Jardins d’O in Nismes is not just a sprawling park with beautiful trees and a pond; it primarily offers a variety of small games for kids and adults alike. It’s also an amazing setting for a picnic or a walk for two. All this is based around the water. It's also open in summer and winter.


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The perfect park for an excursion with kids

The entrance to the park is a little hidden – you have to cross the bridge with multiple flags on it, cross the threshold and stroll along the Eau Noir river. The park is located at the foot of Château Licot.

Once you arrive at the park, you can feel a little lost and not really know where to go. Relax, though, and let yourself be guided. You should already know that the park is safe. No vehicles are allowed and there is essentially only one point of access.

Next, take the time to discover the small pathways. A section of the park offers water-based games. The idea is to operate the jets of water yourself. You can spin a wheel, jump on piles and more. Be careful, though: the jets can surprise you from time to time.

Another area contains a pond and a route with bridges and small rivers, while the final section is covered in an expansive grass lawn.

A playground, a mini-golf course and boats

What dazzles you about this park is that you can discover magical little corners every time you visit. A small wooden house on one side, a playground on the other, a stone-lined trail elsewhere.

That is saying nothing of the geese that live there. Be aware that the presence of geese means the presence of droppings too. To that end, be careful of where you sit on the grass.

It's also possible to take a ride in a boat or pedal-boat on the site, or even to play a round of mini golf.

A family activity to enjoy after the Fondry des Chiens or tourist train

Exploring this park can be easily paired with a visit to the Fondry des Chiens, or even a ride on the small tourist train. It's an ideal location to relax, enjoy a picnic or simply get a breath of fresh air.

You can also have a bite to eat after exploring the park. La Bonne Auberge offers tasty waffles and French toast, among other delicacies.

It's always worth remembering that, while the water games will leave you wet and cool you down in summer, swimming in the pond is forbidden. You should also check the depth of the pond before setting off. During heat waves, there is not enough water for boat rides.

This park boasts unexpected charms, which are very enjoyable. Are you excited to discover them?

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