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The tourist train is often a popular choice for kids. That is already enough to recommend it. But since this train also takes you to discover an exceptional natural site – the Fondry des Chiens – you no longer need hesitate.


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The train: an activity to enjoy with kids

While you can walk from the centre of the village to the Fondry des Chiens (signposts are present), nothing could be more fun than travelling there by train. This is an amazing experience to share with kids.

While they are waiting for the train, kids will stamp their feet impatiently. Once you’ve boarded, you can discover the small village, the pretty houses made from local stone and the surrounding countryside together, among other things. The train journey is quite practical when you are with kids: you are together all the time, without having to check the route or look up the way on your phone.

In Viroin-Hermeton Nature Park

The train travels through Viroin-Hermeton Nature Park, a site that's renowned for its geographical and biological appeal. Enjoy the typical landscape of the region, which is quite hilly and wooded. Even if your knowledge of biodiversity is somewhat limited, you are sure to notice the exceptional natural heritage here.

This does not even cover the sites of interest that the train will take you to. There is the Fondry des Chiens, of course, an impressive natural chasm, but also the Abannets plateau, located one hundred hectares above Nismes, which boasts unique vegetation and limestone lawns where a variety of orchids grow in season.

Nismes: the Jardins d’Ô, the call of deer and much more

This little train guides you through a very unique region. It’s also quite a breath of fresh air.

The train departs from the foot of the Château de Nismes, opposite the Jardins d’Ô. It's an opportunity to visit a verdant setting, or simply to unwind in complete safety.

A few kilometres away, you’ll also have a chance to listen to the call of deer in season. Animal lovers should visit in September or October, during mating season.

Warning: the train is waiting for you to depart. Now boarding…

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