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The iconic symbol of the Parc du Crocodile Rouge at the Eau d’Heure lakes is the amphibus, a vehicle that operates on land and in the water. As a result, the site offers rides in the amphibus along with other activities, such as sand yachting or a laser game.


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An experience at any price

Amphibian vehicles have existed for over 500 years, but undergo major development during wartime. These military vehicles are a crucial all-terrain ally. Shortly after the war, new vehicles like this were developed, this time for individuals.

Today, a few amphibian vehicles still exist, but it is a niche sector. Having the opportunity to take a spin in an amphibus, then, is quite a unique experience.

The wheels on the bus are inflated in order to float on the water. A propeller makes it possible to move forward in the water. The descent into the water is impressive. The crossing is calmer.

For those who suffer from seasickness, don’t panic: the vehicle is much more stable than a traditional boat.

This tour is very popular with kids. The captain is very nice and is quick to imbue his explanations with a little humour.

A number of activities await around the Eau d’Heure lakes

Once you get there, give other activities at the Parc du Crocodile Rouge a shot. The laser game, for example, takes place indoors across 250 m². The space spans several floors and has a rope bridge and a walkway. The atmosphere is primarily created by sound and results in a very unique ambience. The game is open to anyone, as long as you aren’t afraid of the dark.

When the weather is nice, the outdoor escape game, which takes you around the lake, is fun. You search for clues that will lead you to the treasure.

If you prefer a slightly more classic approach to sport, the electric bike tour is good. You travel silently around the various lakes, taking advantage of the electrical assist for uphill portions.

A pleasant restaurant

Before you eat, hop on the little train that takes you to different points of interest. You’ll appreciate the walk, in particular as a peaceful opportunity to discover these places.

You end at the restaurant. You receive a warm welcome and the menu is accessible. You can also eat on the terrace.

Who has given the amphibus a chance?

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