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Route de la Plate Taille 99, 6440 Froidchapelle


When you visit the Plate-Taille Dam – the only dam you can visit in Belgium – you can scarcely imagine that you will find yourself at the foot of the turbines, forty metres underground, or above the lakes, over 107 metres high, in the observation tower.


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Visiting the Eau d’Heure Dams still reigns supreme

Prior to the 1970s, the landscape was totally different. The giant model at the start of the tour helps you to understand the huge project at that time even better. The guide then takes you to the galleries of the dam, 40 metres underground. You walk for more than 450 metres in a wide concrete corridor. This can seem long if you’re not expecting it.

You come to the very heart of the dam: the famous reversible pump turbines. There are four of them, each with a flow rate of 400 m3 per second (a little more than half an Olympic swimming pool). This supplies 6,000 homes.

Next, you head to the observation tower, which is more than 100 metres high. You can enjoy a nice view over all the Eau d’Heure lakes. Some parts of the ground are made from glass. It can be a little much if you are afraid of heights.

Like a lighthouse: a point of reference for divers, motorboats or motorhomes

The Plate-Taille Dam is a point of reference.

The observation tower can be seen by divers in the Plate Taille lake. It is also visible from other lakes, such as Falemprise and the Eau d’Heure.

Another view of the dam: in a bathing suit while you swim, or while enjoying a barbecue

There is a swimming area – thanks to the dam – that you can discover after the tour. Discover the Relais de Falemprise or FUN space from the tower. These swimming spots are located a few hundred metres from the building and can be used to navigate along the foot of this imposing structure.

To cap off your visit, pack your hotdogs. It is possible to rent a barbecue area at the Natura Parc. These offer a full view of the dam and its observation tower.

This way, you can enjoy the view of the largest dam in Belgium inside and outside.

Do you want to be one of those who dare to visit this dam?

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