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Place Léopold Roger 1,5660 Couvin


Totemus is both a treasure hunt and a puzzle game and offers a sign-posted trail via a connected app, making it perfect for a family outing. Kids search for clues, in the company of adults, which keeps them motivated for the length of the itinerary. You also learn lots of facts about local heritage.


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  • 2021 10 27 REED 24
  • 2021 10 27 REED 20

Discover history while having fun

You often think about ‘museum tours’ or ‘exhibitions’ when you want to learn more about history. This is great, but not always accessible for kids, especially ones who are all go, go, go. Plus, as an adult, sometimes you just want to get some fresh air. Totemus brings all that together.

The sign-posted route takes you to different spots in Couvin to discover local history. In order to move forward, you have to find clues by observing everything around you. This is fun and interesting, but most importantly, it makes learning more about our heritage enjoyable.

A hesitation-free outing with kids

The route is five kilometres long, so quite accessible for kids and young explorers. There are several parts, which are split between the city and a small portion of the countryside.

There are two key sites for kids (even though all the other points are interesting too): first, the old station, which sometimes offers the chance to watch steam trains pass by. Children appreciate this leap into the past as much as adults.

Next, there is the playground, which is also quite popular. It’s up to you to find it with the QR code.

An activity to enjoy alongside the caves or the train ride

This excursion in Mariembourg can easily be paired with other activities in the area. You can visit the Trois Vallées Steam Railway Museum, which even offers the chance to travel in an old steam train.

Otherwise, opt for a bite to eat at Brasserie des Fagnes. This restaurant is perfect if you have kids: a family-friendly atmosphere and safe playgrounds are on the menu.

Download the Totemus app before leaving. It's easy to use. This means you no longer need to hesitate before setting off on a treasure-hunting adventure. Once you try it, you will soon develop a taste for it.

Are you ready for adventure?

Play & explore

  • Slide your finger to move
  • Move your fingers apart and pinch them together to zoom in and out
  • Tap on the items to discover the iconic locations of the Pays des Lacs
  • Click and hold to move
  • Scroll to zoom in and out