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Rue de Vierves 27, 5670 Viroinval


While Sandrine Wauters’s ‘Mélodie de verreries’ workshop and boutique in Oignies is only 50 m2, what leaves a big impression is meeting this passionate artist. The various creations exhibited in her boutique has a totally different artistic meaning, from the necklace to the spherical pendant. This meeting is a rare gem!


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A magical glass workshop

Her workshop is based in a pretty stone house, which is typical of the village of Oignies. As soon as you step inside, you are charmed by this place. The mixture of wood and concrete sets the mood: it is both a workshop where you can work with glass – all the tools are visible on the shelf – and a boutique with lots of pieces on display.

A long, beautiful tree branch decorated with multicoloured glass balls creates a magical atmosphere at the entrance.

Authentic glassware from bespoke requests

Glass is not blown here; spun glass is worked with a blowtorch. Sandrine – who is a gem of the art world in her own right – uses a special technique to heat the glass, which takes the form of a rod, stretch it and shape it (into a pearl, a ball or so on).

She works with different colours of glass, different models and different templates. She works in the moment. As a result, all of her creations are unique.

One other thing: she appreciates bespoke work. This artist talks with clients and, based on what they want, creates a jewel that reflects them.

Craftsmanship: from meeting to training

More than anything, this artist strives to share her passion. She shows people how to melt glass or create a pearl on-site. She can even introduce you to the technique in her workshop. She also offers training.

Another fun thing: in addition to her workshop, Sandrine organises frequent events with demonstrations, alongside other craftsmen, a bar and, on some occasions, a show.

We loved the decorative balls. They look good in the living room, in front of the window, reflecting the light. Do they tickle your fancy?

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